NS v.3

NS v.3 (Nervous Systems version 3) is a hybrid choreographic installations that decentralize corporeal and embodied experiences in dance practices and as such challenge conventional notions of choreographic authorship. Through these environments REACh. & Collabs. mix and error the body- and human-centric discourse of 20th century dance theory and speculate on a queer phenomenology of plausible future dances.

This choreographic software in development will produce an interactive audiovisual environment, a playground for exploring different sensitivities in dance through technology-enhanced choreography.

We are currently developing and testing choreographer/ software NS v.3 (Nervous Systems version 3), we expect our first artistic output during 2023.
Art. project: Klaas Devos (BE); intermedia, sound, live-electronics: Quentin Meurisse (FR); video, design: Justine De Baene (FR). Research in collaboration with Patrik Keleman (HU) and Maarten Buyl (BE).
Residency support by Kunstencentrum BUDA Kortrijk.
Supported by the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp (CORPoREAL, CREATIE) and the University of Antwerp (ARIA).
During our process we share segments of the installation and lectures on:
- Convergence, Conference on synaesthetic experiences in artistic Research, Royal Conservatoire Antwerp, May 20.
- 10th IDOCDE Symposium, Impulstanz Festival, Vienna, June 25 – 31.
- Articulate #22, Arts and Research Festival. Curated by Andrew Claes, hosted by deSingel, Antwerp, October 17 – 19.

http://www.klaasdevos.eu/files/gimgs/th-166_nsv3drop kopie.jpg