Klaas freek Devos - Biography

Klaas freek Devos (1985°) studied contemporary dance and choreography at the Royal Conservatory, Antwerp. After graduating Devos engaged in academic scholarship in arts and philosophy at the University of Antwerp. His master-thesis "P.O.R.E.S. Practice Oriented Research: genealogies of Western modern and postmodern dances" was an experiment to bridge movement and theory.

KfD. developed his aesthetic research practice as part of the first generation researchers at the School for Advanced Performance and Scenography Studies (Apass) in Brussels. And continued his artistic and reflective practices on discontinuous social choreography and nervous beings in a post-program facilitated by Ann Theresa De Keersmaeker at her Performing Arts Research and Training Studios (P.A.R.T.S.), Brussels.

In the past he collaborated with numerous composers (Maarten Buyl, Nina Fukuoka) and contemporary music ensembles (Ensemble Fractals, G.A.M.E.) and prefers to work in co-creation with other performance (Talia De Vries) or installation makers (Gertan Biasino). In 2016 Devos made his first work for larger groups (Almosteverythinghappens), this opened an ongoing artistic research looking into dynamics of being together en the ongoing production of misunderstanding we have when we become fascinated by others.

KfD. mediates his work through choreography, video, workshops and masterclasses. The aesthetics of KfD.'s work is inspired by the rich palette of masters he studied and collaborated with, investing His in methodologies of experimental embodiment or somatic practices (Min Tanaka, Florence Augendre, Tamara Milla Vigo) attended from a critical or speculative point of view (Andre Lepecki, Martin Spangberg). It is through individual and group improvisation (Yvonne Rainer, Deufert & Plischke, Thomas Hauert, Lilia Mestre) practice unfolds into dance, installations or choreography.