2016 //

Januari // Publication, XXI CSAV - Artist Research Laboratory. Materials for Performance. 6-31 July 2015. Fly in the soup. Fondazione Antonio Ratti, Mousse Publishing, 2015.

Frabruary //research, The Rhythmic Body . A 4-month theory and practice program curated by Bojana Cvejic & Tom Engels, in context of the research studios pilot #2, P.A.R.T.S.

May // Dance and Performance // Breath-core
A collaborative research on synchronization lead by Michael Schmid (Ictus). There is a showing of the work in context of the Kunstenfestival des Arts.

June // // Le Soldat après Stravinsky
A contemporary fairytale based on the original composition by Igor Stravinsky.
Premieres on Festival Tri-Marrant in Théâtre de la Vie, Brussels.

July // Physical research initiated by Min Tanaka in Collaboration with Camping by Centre National de Danse Contemporaine (CND), Paris.

July // The Windwalker Serie
A collection of six video's shot in the Irish mountains during an artist research residency made in 2015 at the Tipperary Dance Centre.

22.07.2016 - 24.07.2016 // Workshop Rhetoric of Flirtation in Collaboration with Stretch Festival, Berlin.

22.08.2016 - 16.12.2016 // The Musical Body
Theory and practice program curated by Tom Pauwels & Gabriel Schenker, in context of the research studios pilot #2, P.A.R.T.S and Manama Experimental Music of the Conservatory, Gent.

September // Experiments on Extended Resonance
Rooted in the personal fascination for ’being together’, ’sharing imagination’ and ’productive misunderstandings’, this exploration deals with the togetherness of the music-dance-audience in the afterglow of the dance and the music. I propose to dissect this pre-verbal, sensuous, though under-lighted phenomenon.

October // ALMOSTEVERYTHINGHAPPENS Dance performance that traces and recaptures our sensitive bodies in order to question sensuality in todays high-speed and hyperconnected reality.

Performance series in context of P.A.R.T.S. research-cycle graduation
Dec. 11.2016 // 20h00 // P.A.R.T.S., Brussels
Dec. 14.2016 // 20h00 // Miry, Gent
Dec. 14.2016 // 20h00 // Miry, Gent
Experiments on Extended Resonance
Dec. 16.2016 // SMOG, Brussels
Experiments on Extended Resonance