Performance & Installations
May 20-21 // Performative lecture & NS v.3 (development)
On Convergence. Seminar on multisensory approaches in artistic performance and interactions. hosted by Antwerp Research Institute for the Arts and Royal Conservatoire Antwerp.

>> Full program and inscribing to the Seminar via think link.

Oct. 18-19 // Performative lecture & NS v.3 (development)
Articulate 22. Arts and Research Festival. Curated by Andrew Claes, hosted by deSingel, Antwerp.


Febr. 24 // Dancing Metaphors in collaboration with Next Doors Festival at the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp.

Febr. 25 // Workshop Nervous Systems
in collaboration with the students of the dance dep. of the Academy For Fine Arts, Brugge.

April 13-15 // HINDER #1
Open studio exchanges in REACh. Studios Cureghem.

REACh. Studio/Atelier
April 23 // Day of Dance.
Performances and expo in the studio curated by REACh. & Collabs.

April 23-24 // Itinerart Anderlecht.
Expo in the studio curated by REACh. & Collabs.

May 14-15 // Open Studio Days
Expo in the studio curated by REACh. & Collabs., open rehearsal for NSv_3 on Saturday.

2020 - ... // Ongoing collaboration with visual designer Justine De Baene.

Spring // Theorizing near future dances. A proposal to investigate the queer relation between dance and technology.

... in residency
April 4 - 10 & May 2 - 8 // Residency at BUDA Kortrijk
Preparation of software for choreographic installation NS v.3 (2023).

July 25 - August 3 // Reach. & Collabs. residency in Budapest, Hungary.
Movement and dance research by Klaas Devos in collaboration with Patrik Keleman.
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