Barely imaginable Beings. Not Made to Worry.

The original creation process of “L’apres Midi d’un Faun” is the starting point for a new collaborative practice in the performative field between movement, sound, drawing and poem. The content of the original performance will be challenged in the friction between historical recognition and contemporary digitalism. Not Made to Worry is the second performance of the Barely imaginable Beings: a Romantic digital impressionist fairytale generated through in-ear headphone scores.

"Not Made to Worry” is a co-creative practice for togetherness in a live performance and digital space. It hovers over media in order to depict aesthetic embodiment in a post-Darwinian environment. This semi-fantastical place that is build and rebuild by three interacting performers searches for an idealism: a social model for a creative temporary utopia shared with an audience for the time of its performance.

Since 2018 the artistic practice and creation is supported by Kunstencentrum BUDA (Kortrijk).
In collaboration with French contemporary composer, pianist and digital artist Quentin Meurisse and Belgian illustrator and performing artist Nina Van den Bempt.

Premiere planned 2019.