R.E.A.Ch. 0.
Solos for Nervous Systems

The first R.E.A.Ch. experiment revises the research performance Solo for Nervous Systems (2018) made in collaboration with live-electronics specialist and pianist Quentin Meurisse. In short, Solo for Nervous Systems is a 45 min. dance solo where the performer is dictated an accumulative series of sensorimotor impulses. Its generative electronic composition system is based on the earlier introduced dance software Life Forms (1989). Our software produces an audio score that is to be executed instantaneously by the performer, it is received through an in-ear piece and is on random moments shared with the spectator through the speakers. By controlling the degree of score information (speed, amount, clarity, volume, etc.) the AI generates different phenomenological intensities in the dance and its environment, putting the performer’s interpretation at stake. The revision of the solo is an ongoing artistic practice to bring the output vocabulary closer to the experiences in improvised dance. The experiment is tested in a solo and in a multi-dancer set-up where different soloists interpret one score, or a group of dancers interpret a series of individual randomized scores in one group composition. This experiment allows me to compare individual interpretation processes and test the potential choreographic aesthetics of this system.

Software and sound engineering by Quentin Meurisse and the participants of the laboratory workshops