____________Artistic REACh team _____________________________________
Maarten Buyl, is close collaborator with Devos since 2006. Buyl studied electronic music and music technology at the Conservatories of Brussels and Antwerp and was subsequently attached to the Vrije Universiteit and Royal Conservatory of Brussels as an artistic researcher. He is sound engineer at Opera/Ballet Flanders and researcher affiliated with ChampdAction.

Justine Debaene, Brussels-based graphic designer graduating at ERG (Ecole Récherche Graphique). In collaboration with REACh., she researches representation of movement and dance for electronic scores and installations.

Quentin Meurisse, software engineer and musician affiliated with REACh. Meurisse is pianist and experimental composer affiliated with Eramaa Trio and Ictus Ensemble. He is pedagogues in live-electronics and experimental composition at the School of Arts, Conservatoire Gent.

____________REACh. focus group _____________________________________
A group of advising artists and theorists that actively engage with the research by sharing practices and feedback in dialogues. The focus group are Heike Langsdorf (Radical Hope), Jan Martens (GRIP), Marc Vanrunxt (Kunst/Werk), Anouk Llaurens (dance), Serge Verstockt (ChampdAction), Tom Van der Borght (TVDB), …

____________Ph.D. research committee _______________________________
Chair: Prof. Kyoko Iwaki
Supervisors: Prof. Timmy De Laet & Annouk Van Moorsel
Extern member: Prof. Alex Arteaga

____________Institutional partners & support __________________________
Royal Conservatoire Antwerp, research group CORPoREAL
Royal Conservatoire Antwerp, research group CREATIE
University of Antwerp, ARIA (Antwerp Research Institute in the Arts)
IDOCDE (international documentation of contemporary dance education)
CODA (Cultures of Dance - Research Network for Dance Studies)
ChampdAction, Antwerp (interdisciplinary dev. and prod. platform)
Arts Center BUDA, Kortrijk