Thinking Bodies in Dance. A somatic R.E.A.Ch.
Research in Electronic and Algorithmic Choreography

Dance epistemology is a perspective in dance studies that looks at how we think, reason, and construct meaning by the way we structure and exchange dance practices and through dancing itself. It deals with dance as the aesthetic expression of corporeal thinking. In this field of inquiry, my research reconsiders the value of verbal and embodied reflection for dance and choreographic practices. More specific, practices that focus on sensations and experiences, also called somatic practices. Somatic practices use visualization, improvisation, verbal reflection, and integration to train sensitivity and reactivity of its practitioners. However, these practices often still miss the tools to grasp the fleeting nature of its knowledge production. My artistic research project speculates on how to make embodied reflection, understood as tacit and implicit cognitive processes, in improvisations more insightful by revising a self-developed somatic practice for the nervous system, named ‘Nervous Systems’.

‘Thinking Bodies in Dance. A somatic R.E.A.Ch. (research in electronic and algorithmic choreography)’ is the title of my four-year (2020-2024) practice-based Ph.D. in the arts, at the Royal Conservatoire and the University of Antwerp. My research is an inquiry of dancing as reflecting or cognizing. The premise of my research is that somatic dance practices and technology can mutually enhance each other in order to develop new insights and techniques for somatic dance improvisation practices as research and choreography. kopie.jpg