Barely Imaginable Being.
A solo for nervous system.

KfD. initiated an ambitious interdisciplinary researchproject in 2015 focussing on the relation between choreography, dance and movement performance. Barely Imaginable Beings is the resulting space wherein embodied practices explore expressions of thought and misunderstanding through movement. A solo for nervous is the first public performance of Barely Imaginable Beings.

In this 50 min. dance solo, the performer is dictated an accumulative series of neurological demands. This algorithmic movement composition needs to be executed instantaneously. The spectator witnesses a negotiation between the will to move and the restrictions that any form of physical freedom entails.

"BIB. A solo for nervous system, attempts to shift our perception on physical, cognitive and emotional freedom by exploring the instants we loose grip on the material that is our being."

This research project was initiated in 2015 win collaboration with experimental composer Maarten Buyl and dramaturge Joke Heylen and with the support of Les Ballets C de la B, Gent (Gent, Be.), TAKT (Dommelhof, Be.), Tipperary Dance Platform, Tipperary (Ireland),Fondazione Antonio Ratti (Como, It.).

Nov. 24 // MUTE-festival Gent, organized by post-human.