REACh. & Collaborators

>> Klaas Devos (BE) choreography, contemporary dance, live-electronics

>> Quentin Meurisse (FR) sounds designer, musician (piano and live-electronics), creative coding

>> Justine Debaene (BE) graphic and video design

>> Patrik Kelemen (HU) choreography, contemporary dance

>> Anaïs Gentjens (BE) video design, digital arts, creative coding

Previous collaborations:

Gertan Biasino (BE) video design, light artist, creative coding, live-electonics
Gabriela Burdsal (CU) choreography, contemporary dance
Maarten Buyl (BE) sounds designer, music composition, creative coding
Nina De Man (BE) visual arts, performance, live-electronics
Abel Figueredo (CU) musician (piano)
Ensemble Fractals contemporary and modern music ensemble
Nina Fukuoka (JP/P) sounds designer, music composition, creative coding
G.A.M.E. contemporary and experimental music ensemble
Heike Langsdorf/Radical Hope (BE) choreography, performance, sociocultural projects
Carlo Prampolini (IT) musician (piano)
Nathalie P. Rojas. (CU) musician (clarinet)
Carlo Siega (IT) musician (electronic guitar and live-electronics), music composition
Thea Soti (HU) music composition, musician (voice and live-electronics)