Klaas Devos’ (1985 - he/him/Q.) practice and research focuses on the impact of technology on perception and attention in dance. His choreographic work centres around what the audience perceives as embodiment and physical sensations in dance. Together with his interdisciplinary group Reach and Collabs. he recently focuses on more-than-human dance performances, situations where the human-machine relation creates a dance together. Through these interactive experiments Devos convergence the physical, the soma, and the digital addresses ethical concerns on biopolitics and bio-data surveillance in contemporary society.

Born in Bruges, Devos completed studies at the Conservatoire Antwerp, PARTS (Performing Arts Research and Training Studios), and a.pass (advanced performance studios) in Brussels. He graduated with great distinction in theatre and dance studies at the University of Antwerp, proposing in his thesis a practice-based modern dance epistemology. This notion of dance as a way of making sense of the world is an undercurrent in his written and presented work on inter/national festivals and conferences. Since 2020, Devos is a PhD. fellow at the Conservatoire and University of Antwerp. He is a mentor for the Master students in performing arts education at the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp and lecturer ‘dance histories and theories’ at the dance department of the Academy for Fine Arts in Brussels. At his home in Brussels, Devos coordinating Reach and Collabs., a network and dance studio dedicated to embodied and computational creative practices. Since 2023 Reach and Collabs. transforms to support production and residencies of Devos’ work.