Muovirumori (2015)

In 1916 Italian Futurist Luigi Russolo wrote L’arte dei Rumori (The Art of Noises), a manifesto for a sonic palette that required new approaches towards instrumentation and composition. Muovirumori reapproaches this manifest and proposes a remediation of its aesthetics in an assemblage of organic and inorganic movements. The research performance unfolds in 4 chapters, the public is free to enter and exit the performance space at any time.

Research & Performance by Klaas freek Devos
Music by Antonio Russolo, Serenata (rec. 1924)
Coaching and dramaturgy by Annie Ratti, Andrea Kleine & Emanuela De Cecco
With the support of Fondazione Antonio Ratti.

Italy: July 27 at Fondazione Antonio Ratti, Como.