Don't miss myself anymore 2019

Collaboration with composer and video-artist Thea Soti.

Don’t miss myself anymore is a performance installation constructed by video projections, original music composition and movement performance. It is a proposal to re-think the dynamic spaces between video-screens, projected self-imagery, and identity. The installation is a temporary creative space that was inhabited during a one-month creative and reflective residency by Klaas Devos and Thea Soti.

The performance installation has been developed in-situ, for the underground spaces of the Balassi Institute, Brussels. The audience is invited to explore and move within the space that results from this artistic research.
Supported by the i-Portunus Mobility Programme and the Balassi Institute of Brussels. Funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Concept: Thea Soti & Klaas Devos
Choreography: Klaas Devos
Performance: Thea Soti
On-site technical supervision: Miklós Szörényi
Programme coordinator: Csaba Bartos
Project assistance: Anna Nagy