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Choreographics: an installation for Recyclart Brussels (2021) brings dance and choreographic practices back to its most basic icon: the arrow. These are line drawings that suggest an architecture that is situated between the static and the moving, between reality and imagination. These are expressions through directions, rhythms, and abstract form. They interact with the viewer as a map for expanding awareness of sensations, they are Editing Sensations, or Edits.

In 2021, we made a Choreo-graphics installation during a residency at Recyclart, Brussels. The input for this installation/intervention were the day- and nighttime activities on the sites resulting in an xxl version of the line-, and arrow drawings. The drawing was made using temporary paint that slowly disappeared during the public events hosted by Recyclart Summer Festival.

Concept: Klaas Devos
Installation: Klaas Devos & Zarah Coussement
Support: Kobe Lootens & Recyclart Fabrik