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In the workshop Expanding Nervous Systems Through Dance we focus on expanding awareness in improvisation to increase movement vocabularies and choreographic agency, we thus explore our consciousness and awareness of decision-making when composing dance.

We investigate embodiment, mindfulness, and other idealisations of cognition and embodiment through dancing based on Klaas Devos training in somatic practices such as Feldenkreis Method, Bartennief Fundamental, and Body-Mind-Centering. Through a series of individual and group exercises we explore different notions awareness in dance and strategies to deal with doubt, insecurity, and overthinking in movement.

The human nervous system is neither fast nor direct enough to consciously grasp, contain, or direct an improvised dance. Therefore we close every session exploring alternative feedback models that do not alter the dance medium. A way to stay moving in thoughts while self-reflecting and/or evaluating our creative process.

The Workshop has been organized in collaboration with independent organizations like E.D.C. Ostend or TDF Ghent and part-time arts schools such as DKO Conservatory Ghent and Bruges. Klaas is also active in higher education institutes such as KASK, Ghent and the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp. Masterclasses were hosted by international dance festivals such as Festival Aperto, Como (Italy), Camping CNDC, Paris (France), TDP dance, Cork (Ireland), Ibsen Laboratoria, Habana (Cuba).