The Windwalker Series 2015 - 2016

What if our movement and our thoughts could flow with the wind?

The Windwalker looks into the role we appoint to natural forces and the potential they have to structure our moving patterns and intentions. This aesthetic research focuses on aerodynamics as a thrust for movement, no longer initiated by our will. Guided by a series of technics, it develops as trajectories guided by wind, a sensitively improvised trajectory or dance.

The research has been initiated and developed throughout a series of residencies in rural environments (Zeebrugge, Oerol, Tipperary, Como). A small archive of videos portraits these natural aesthetics. Klaas Devos & Barely imaginable Beings are reviewing the potentials of Windwalkers framed as a social aesthetic practice.

Dance: Klaas Devos
Coaching: Alexandre Iseli and Jazmin Chiodi

The project was realized in collaboration with the Try! Tipperary Dance Residency Program of the Tipperary Excel Arts and Cultural Centre in Ireland, 2015.